To me art is something abstract where the audience decide on the meaning themselves. The creator may or may not have a point to make with it. Some games are like that whether it’s the whole game that quite make … Continue reading

To me a story is linear and definite and in order to enjoy it to his fullest, you should be paying your full attention to it while the story is being told to you. If a game has multiple endings … Continue reading

In app/game purchases (IAP) are here to stay because it’s popular and developers get more money out it. So why wouldn’t you want to do it? Well, there’s ethics. I don’t think IAPs are a bad thing but I believe … Continue reading

Windows 8 tile images

Now that Error Hunter’s out on the Windows 8 store, here’s a little checklist for what’s required. 1) In Unity, go to File/Build Settings/Windows Phone 8 Player Settings and put in the Company Name, Product Name and default Icon. This … Continue reading

diagram demostrating world points in Unity

¬†While developing Error Hunter in Unity, I found out there were 3 ways to display a point on screen: Screen point: The points are the pixel values. You can use Screen.width and Screen.height to get the full screen dimensions. Neat. … Continue reading

demon spirit sketches 1

Even though the Demon Spirit is the earliest demon to appear in Eternal Pain, he was the latest to be added. He was put in due to feedback that it took way too long for a demon to show up … Continue reading