Here’s the rest of the machine sketches this week. Top left we have the ‘Android’ – pretty self explanatory. Middle left we have the ‘Golem’ which looks kinda like a gorilla. Then we have the spell cards. Top middle is … Continue reading

Again, no testing but more machine art.  Top right is the ‘Detector’ a metal detector and a satellite dish robot. Top right is the ‘Burner’ a flame thrower on wheels. Middle right is the ‘Mind Controller’ which is basically a … Continue reading

No testing this week, but I did get to do some art (above). These are the machines. Top left we have the ‘Animal’ Trap’ which is a walking bear trap. It also has a drill so it can set itself … Continue reading

Still no art. I really want to do some art next week so I don’t have to show another diagram again. Still the testing part is taking a while (which is expected). I reworked the cards to fit the tutorial … Continue reading