The next race is the undead. This is where the drawings get harder because I’m not so sure about the art style (hence I left them till later). Top left is the ‘ghost’. Top middle is the ‘zombie’. It can … Continue reading

This week is the last of the beast cards, this time the spells. Top left is the ‘Judgement of Unicorn’. Top middle is ‘Quiet Hibernation’ and top right is ‘Knowledge of Nature’ (sunlight going through trees). Bottom left is ‘Aura … Continue reading

This week we have the last of the beast creature sketches. Left is the crocodile and right is the mammoth. Originally it was a rhino but not only was the art not working, it also seemed unfitting to make the … Continue reading

More beast sketches. The hound from last week wasn’t really working out. I drew one wolf instead and it turned out great so I’ll be using this instead. Top right is the bull. Bottom left is the crocodile which I’m … Continue reading

Well, Demonfall is finally on the iOS and Android stores (in a form that I’m happy with). Download links are at But hang on, it’s been more than 2 months since submitting the game to the iOS store. Why … Continue reading

This week features sketches for the ‘beasts’. Unlike the machines, there’s not too much room for creativity. Top left is the bat. Middle left is the serpent. Top right is the owl. Bottom left is the giant spider. Bottom right … Continue reading