The cards now animate to their respective player’s corners when drawn from the deck, although not in the exact positions. I’m still working out how it works. There’s a ‘hide/show hand’ button which toggles the cards in the hand’s visibility … Continue reading

So, in the screenshot above, we can see a face down card and a couple face up cards. The 2 rows are the player’s hands. The fonts look a bit weird. Hopefully it’s a just a preview thing as it … Continue reading

An example of non-UI text is text on an in game playing card.To do this, use the ‘Text Mesh’ Component. For the font, you want to set it’s font size to something like 100 in the Resources folder, otherwise the … Continue reading

Well, I started trying to make something more visual when I realized…. the UI sketch is the wrong size. I made it 480×320 (iphone size) when it should have been 428×320. This is the 4 by 3 ratio on ipad … Continue reading

Above is an updated interface from last week. It’s got a few extra buttons I missed out and now there are dummy icons for all the buttons. It makes sense in my head how things work but again we’ll have … Continue reading

The image is a mock up of the interface for the digital version of Kards. This is just the first version and it will most likely change but trying to fit everything on the screen is a task in itself … Continue reading