This week, we got some play testing done :D It’s been a while since that happened and there were some new mechanics added since then. I gained a lot of insight and it made me think about rewording some things … Continue reading

The button that plays the card from the hand works – at it’s most basic level at least. I need it to move to the next card in the hand afterwards and I need to hide the info box during … Continue reading

The navigation of the hand’s cards is now working. I’ve put all the card’s texts into the game so it shows up in the info box when the card is selected.What’s next: putting in the buttons that you play the … Continue reading

Well, the guardians are in and the cards in the hand are positioned. This is the solution that I came up with. It might change but it does do what I want it to do, so we’ll stick with this … Continue reading

The amount of rotation uses something called ‘Quaternion’. Set one up like so:newRotation = Quaternion.Euler(0,0,90);The 3 values are x,y,z. In the example, it rotates 90 degress on the z axis.Then to animate this rotation, in the Update() function:transform.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp (transform.rotation,newRotation,Time.deltaTime * someSpeedVar);You can also use … Continue reading