Cards battling was coded done this week. The screenshot above is the end result of a battle; the card with the lower number loses and gets cast aside. From last week, target button positions are now in the right place … Continue reading

The screenshot above is after pressing the attack button from last week. It disappears and the target icons on the other side show up. There’s some things that need to be fixed like the position of the target buttons and … Continue reading

A bunch of icons are in, although only one is shown in the screenshot. The others will probably be shown in a later screenshot. The icon shown is the attack icon, which doesn’t do anything at the moment. For now, … Continue reading

Now when your hand is shown and you draw a card, the drawn card will be shown as well (after it goes into your hand). The ‘play a card’ buttons now properly get disabled depending on the card type (though … Continue reading

The ‘play a card’ buttons will now be disabled if you have already played one. This is indicated by the grey borders in the image. In the screenshot, it is currently the top player’s turn (indicated by the ‘end turn’ … Continue reading