Had a thought about focusing more on the actual game rather than bug fixing code since the mechanics could change. This lend to me redesigning the ‘revealer’ mechanic where before it was restrictive and kind of forced players to play … Continue reading

Fixed an issue where flip abilities crashed the game if triggered without an attacker. There’s also other crashes but when I tried to replicate them again they worked which is annoying. Fixed an issue where a creature guardian caused the … Continue reading

Found a bug where a certain special card would not trigger if it was a guardian. Also spells were still able to be played while the card was active. This is now fixed (shown in the screenshot).What’s next: continuing testing, … Continue reading

Fixed a bug where playing a certain card threw an error. Also fixed an issue where a hidden card was not showing up the border (shown in the screenshot). I’m already thinking there’s a chance this fix could cause issues … Continue reading