During play testing there was a certain card that I buffed. Originally it would shuffle all cards to the deck that shared the same species. It now also affects cards with the same powers. It is now coded in as … Continue reading

As shown in the screenshot, large versions of attacking and defending cards are now shown. It shows all details like the power, name and description.What’s next: back to play testing and bug testing. Adding some other bells and whistles would … Continue reading

Images have been exported and as can be seen in the screenshot put in the game. There are 2 more places to insert the art though.What’s next: Add the graphics in the other spots, and add the text too.

This week I looked at each card art a couple times and made adjustments. Some were just smoothing out lines. Others had tweaks like making certain aspects more prominent or changing a prop. The screenshot shows the 2 cards that … Continue reading

Play tested the new mechanic from last week. I think it’s good so I’ll leave it for now. I reworded the text on the card to cater to a scenario I didn’t think of at the time. I also updated … Continue reading