All spell requirements are done. The screenshot shows another example. This spell revives a creature in the graveyard but since there are none, the spell is not playable yet. Also fixed a few bugs with the spells while testing.What’s next: … Continue reading

Started work on spell requirements. Each spell has requirements and if they aren’t met, the spell is not playable. In the screenshot the card highlighted has the effect of destroying all of a certain type of the opponent’s creatures. Since … Continue reading

The deselection functionality from last week has been further tested. It now works for when the card is moved back to the deck and also works when it’s moves to the other player’s control. The borders are now also removed … Continue reading

Now, if a card that was selected to check it’s info is destroyed in battle, the card will be deselected (as shown in the screenshot). More testing will be required for other situations that a card changes but for now … Continue reading