Added the green blinking animation to when a creature has to be played to progress the game. A prompt appears to remind the player and if the hand is hidden the ‘hide/show hand’ button will also blink. The ‘play hidden’ … Continue reading

The button now flashes green as shown the screenshot. It starts off like that for some reason but I’ll leave it for now. I’ll have to think about how to use this animation for other cases where you have to … Continue reading

Updated the particle effect so it’s more of a glow/shine as shown in the screen shot. Also started on the button animation when it’s the only button.What’s next: finish the flashing button animation, apply it when it should be then … Continue reading

Fixed the issue of nothing happening after the flip ability big card is shown. I’ll probably have to retest all the abilities of each card to be sure they’re all fixed. Also started on the particle effects as shown in … Continue reading