The solution may seem simple but it took me a while to figure it out so I thought I’d note it here using a blinking function. public IEnumerator animateTint(GameObject obj,Color newColour,float speed = 2){         Color originalColor = newColour;         Color targetColor = newColour;         Color defaultBtnColor = new Color();     ColorUtility.TryParseHtmlString (btnColor, out defaultBtnColor);     while (obj.GetComponent<Renderer> ().material.color != newColour) {         Material objMat = obj.GetComponent<Renderer> ().material;         Color curColour = objMat.color;         if(closeEnough(curColour.r,targetColor.r) && closeEnough(curColour.g,targetColor.g) && closeEnough(curColour.b,targetColor.b) ){             //objMat.color = newColour;             print (“change tint “+targetColor);             if(targetColor == newColour){                 targetColor = defaultBtnColor;             }else{ … Continue reading

Kards Week 104


The screenshot are the different graphics for the battle animations depending on the type of battle. There are 5 types, 1 for each card species and a neutral one. I already know how they’re going to animate – it’s fairly … Continue reading

You change which sprite is in front or back of each other using sorting layers. UI Text objects do not have sorting layers though. To sort text objects so they are behind or in front of sprites, add the Canvas … Continue reading

Kards Week 103


Added an indicator for type advantage when battling as shown in the middle of the screenshot. If there are is none, then it shows their power number instead. Tested this when the type advantage was reversed and when both fighters … Continue reading

Printed out the booklet. In total it’s 21 pages so to save paper I skipped the first page. It was just the intro and table of contents.What’s next: test out the booklet and the digital version.

I made a proper table of contents for the rule book as shown in the screenshot. Getting the line of dots also known as tab leaders was more complicated than I would have liked. I also added page numbers. I … Continue reading