Got the start screen functioning. The ‘start’ button displays the 5 level buttons. It seems simple but it gave me a bunch of trouble. If you hide objects (like the 5 level buttons) without saving the object somewhere, it can’t … Continue reading

Screenshot is of another battle animation.All 5 levels are now mapped out. It could still be 6 if there are any extra rules to put in but for now it’s 5. One positive of digital card games compared to physical … Continue reading

Screenshot is of another battle animation.There are now 5 tutorial levels with a possibility of 6. I split a level up into 2 since there were 2 fairly different concepts being introduced that I wanted separated. These levels are similar … Continue reading

Kards Week 109


Screenshot is of another battle animation.For the tutorial levels, I wanted as few levels as possible. It started out with 3 but at the moment there’s 4 because there was something important that I wanted the player to learn. The … Continue reading