Here’s just some dates of the rest of my progression:level 35: 16th April 2017level 36: 8th May 2017level 37: 21st June 2017level 38: 28th July 2017level 39: 28th September 2017level 40: 29th November 2017Another sad thing about the new gym … Continue reading

I remember the game was seriously lacking updates waiting for gen 2 that finally came out in February 2017. I was still playing the game every day mainly because I just enjoy going outside for a walk and catching pokemon. … Continue reading

As I started to level up to 30+ I was starting to be be able to stay in gyms. I hunted down and maxed out the gym meta pokemon that wasn’t ultra rare like Eevee, Rhydon and Magikarp. It felt … Continue reading

On the 29th of November 2017, I reached level 40 in Pokemon Go. This is my story:When Pokemon Go was released in July 2016 I did not play the game for 2 main reasons: I was on a prepaid mobile … Continue reading