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A week in Guangdong Part 5

Chill day. This is the view from the apartment I was staying at.

16-apartment-2 16-apartment

Driving to the shopping center.



This shopping center is split into 3 sections: A,B andC. Only sections A and C had… AC :p


Section B had holes in the walls that you could look out. It’s cool but….. I prefer air con on a hot day like this :p

18-shopping-2 18-shopping-3

Had a dessert. It was super delicious. Mango, coconut and red bean on the bottom. Too bad this stall was in section B so all I had was a fan :p

18-shopping-4 18-shopping-5

More views of outside the shopping center.

18-shopping-6 18-shopping-7

And here’s a dog called Panda :D

19-panda-2 19-panda

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