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Screenshot is of another battle animation.All 5 levels are now mapped out. It could still be 6 if there are any extra rules to put in but for now it’s 5. One positive of digital card games compared to physical … Continue reading

Screenshot is of another battle animation.There are now 5 tutorial levels with a possibility of 6. I split a level up into 2 since there were 2 fairly different concepts being introduced that I wanted separated. These levels are similar … Continue reading

Kards Week 109


Screenshot is of another battle animation.For the tutorial levels, I wanted as few levels as possible. It started out with 3 but at the moment there’s 4 because there was something important that I wanted the player to learn. The … Continue reading

Kards Week 108


Here’s a bunch of logo designs. Not really sure which one I like best. I think I’ll look at it again later to decide. It’s just a start so definitely can be worked more on later.What’s next: put a logo … Continue reading

Kards Week 107


Screenshot shows the start of the main menu. The white area is for the logo. The bottom button works and goes to the main game. The ‘start’ button will give a selection of the single player tutorial levels. I’ve decided … Continue reading

Kards Week 106


The other battle animations are done. The screenshot shows one of them. I learnt a lot more about how to do animations in Unity and am much more comfortable doing them now.What’s next: time to start doing a start menu … Continue reading

Kards Week 105


Wow. I don’t know what happened, but the first day I was trying to animate nothing was working. It was very frustrating. There was an error about having to make the animations legacy but when you did that they still … Continue reading

The solution may seem simple but it took me a while to figure it out so I thought I’d note it here using a blinking function. public IEnumerator animateTint(GameObject obj,Color newColour,float speed = 2){         Color originalColor = newColour;         Color targetColor = newColour;         Color defaultBtnColor = new Color();     ColorUtility.TryParseHtmlString (btnColor, out defaultBtnColor);     while (obj.GetComponent<Renderer> ().material.color != newColour) {         Material objMat = obj.GetComponent<Renderer> ().material;         Color curColour = objMat.color;         if(closeEnough(curColour.r,targetColor.r) && closeEnough(curColour.g,targetColor.g) && closeEnough(curColour.b,targetColor.b) ){             //objMat.color = newColour;             print (“change tint “+targetColor);             if(targetColor == newColour){                 targetColor = defaultBtnColor;             }else{ … Continue reading

Kards Week 104


The screenshot are the different graphics for the battle animations depending on the type of battle. There are 5 types, 1 for each card species and a neutral one. I already know how they’re going to animate – it’s fairly … Continue reading

You change which sprite is in front or back of each other using sorting layers. UI Text objects do not have sorting layers though. To sort text objects so they are behind or in front of sprites, add the Canvas … Continue reading