Angular Filters


Automatically adds the $ sign by default and double digit decimals if needed. You can change the currency symbol by parsing it as a string.
eg. {{0.1 | currency : '£' }}


Formats a srting into date and time format. The string has no spaces and goes in this order: year, month, day, a T, hours, minutes, seconds. For example: 20150613T13:23:30 becomes:
{{'20150613T13:23:30' | date:'dd/MM/yyyy @ h:mma' }}

You can change the way it's formatted like using MMMM to show the full name of the Month instead of the number.


Pretty self-explanatory
{{'all caps' | uppercase }}

Character/Object Limit

Set the limit amount as a paramater.
eg. {{'Really long text' | limitTo:14 }}

Order By

The minus orders it by decending price (most expensive to least expensive).