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Getting Bootcamp to work

So I got my hard drive replaced today (for free, something wrong with the old one they said) and while Time Machine does a wonderful job of backing up, it doesn’t back up the bootcamp partition. So I had to reinstall it. It’s been a few years and I’ve forgotten all the steps, all I remember is that it was annoying. Now I remember why, after installing Windows you get a black screen. So, in case I need to reinstall it again, this is how to fix the black screen:

Boot up the WIndows CD on start up and navigate till you get to the option of ‘Repair Computer’

After selecting the OS, click on "Command Prompt". You’ll get a black screen where you type:

Bootrec.exe /FixMbr

Bootrec.exe /FixBoot

Bootrec.ext /RebuildBcd




restart and this time you start up the Windows Partition, you’ll actually be able to get in


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