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Kards Week 17 Progress


This week is art from the last race: the humans. Top left is the ‘mechanic’. Top middle is the ‘scholar’. Top right is the ‘archer’. Middle left is the ‘pirate’. Middle middle is the ‘monk’. Middle right is the ‘assassin’. Bottom left is the ‘wizard’. Bottom middle is the ‘soldier’. Bottom right is the ‘champion knight’.

The reason I left this race last was I wasn’t sure what the art style was. Once I knew, it was basically the same model with different hats and props.

What’s next: rest of the human art, some more testing and then starting to put the sketches onto the cards to seeing how they look. I will probably start doing some of the final drawings of some of the sketches I’m really happy with. It will also be about time to start coding this thing.

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