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Kards Week 22 Progress


This week features the clean drawings of the undead. They are similar to the machines in that the pieces are broken up but they’re all hand drawn compared to perfect circles and rectangles. I think they look pretty good. With that, all the clean drawings are done. They may be updated or change completely in the future (if the card itself changes) but for now, they’re done. I’ve printed all the cards out for testing as well. I’ve also started doing interface sketches and started thinking about where to place buttons and how to fit everything on screen.

So, it’s finally time to start coding. I’ll start with the safer/reusable things to code and leave the harder, more unique parts till later in case they change. Or I’ll just code whatever I feel like – we’ll see. I think the basics will be to set up like arrays for the deck/hand/graveyard/play etc and make sure cards transition between the different piles correctly. Should be fun.

What’s next: codin’ time~

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