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Kards Week 4 Progress


This week I did some research on other card game’s tutorials. Some of the games were Heathstone, Magic, Shadow Era and Yugioh. Some were digital tutorials and some were physical ones. In general, most of them weren’t that great, giving you a lot of text that wasn’t fun to read. Heathstone’s tutorial was the best in my opinion and I took a lot of notes on it which should be handy for the digital version of Kards.

The image above is some sketches I did a while ago. Looking at them now, I still think they look really appealing so I will be going with this art style. I also sorted out a few other design issues in the background.

I got someone to test the game which was great. We updated the rules document together and then played a game. I got a lot of information about the flow of the game and some issues I have to look at.

What’s next: more art, rules and cards tweaking and hopefully more testing. 

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