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Kards Week 6 Progress


Still no art. I really want to do some art next week so I don’t have to show another diagram again. Still the testing part is taking a while (which is expected). I reworked the cards to fit the tutorial and did some more testing. I think it’s moving in the right direction and I got more useful feedback again. I’ll repeat this again from last week: making it as easy as possible for people to understand the rules is very important for me.

I’ve realized that making people understand a physical card game is a lot harder than a digital card game. Of course there will be a digital version of Kards but the physical version must work on it’s own as well. It also doesn’t help that the current physical guides I have are really bad.

What’s next: updating the tutorial from the feedback, looking at the some rules to simplify them if possible, hopefully more testing and a promise of some new art next week.


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