Shadow mixin


@mixin shadow ($x,$y,$blurDistance,$size,$color,$word:””){   -moz-box-shadow:    $x $y $blurDistance $size $color unquote($word);   -webkit-box-shadow: $x $y $blurDistance $size $color unquote($word);   box-shadow:         $x $y $blurDistance $size $color unquote($word);} Simple stuff. The interesting bit is the unquote bit since an empty … Continue reading

Add this in the head tag<!–[if lt IE 9]>       <script src=”js/html5shiv.min.js”></script>       <script src=”js/nwmatcher.js”></script>       <script src=”js/selectivizr-min.js”></script>       <script src=”js/respond.min.js”></script> <![endif]–>My understanding is html5shiv makes older browsers understand html5 elements like nav and section.NWMatcher is … Continue reading