Well, got the logo designed (above). Tried a few variations and ended up with this; I’m quite happy with it. Also I fixed most of the bugs I’ve found so far. What’s next: more design stuff, let’s make the start … Continue reading

In this example I’m making a lightning attack effect. The lightning image gets bigger as it reaches it’s target and the movement will be controlled via code. Make a new particle system by right clicking the hierarchy and selecting ‘Particle … Continue reading

Unity Prefabs


What are prefabs? They’re game objects that are reusable. Examples of these could be collectable coins or enemies or enemy projectiles that appear multiple times in the game. To make a prefab, simply make a game object as always, then … Continue reading

Ok, so this week I got multitouch working. Mouse clicks don’t count as touches so I have to test it on a device. I’m using Unity Remote which is awesome. Basically it sends the game to the device whenever I … Continue reading

Angular Filters


Ways to format and sort your data, pretty cool. {{0.1 | currency : ‘£’ }} = £0.10 {{‘20150613T13:23:30′ | date:’dd/MM/yyyy @ h:mma’ }} = 13/06/2015 @ 1:23PM {{‘all caps’ | uppercase }} = ALL CAPS {{‘Really long text’ | limitTo:14 … Continue reading

This week I completed the last demon and started testing on an Android device (pictured above). A lot of it is working quite well. I found a bunch of bugs including the expected one where you can’t tap on 2 … Continue reading

Angular Basics


To start using Angular, attach it either locally or via CDN.  There are 4 main elements in Angular: Directives, Modules, Controllers and Expressions. Directives There are HTML attributes (or elements) that call the module code. An example of this is: … Continue reading

Failed to reach my goals from last week this time. I spent too much time trying to get a particle effect for the demon (featured in the screenshot). In the end I did some compromising and I’m happy with the … Continue reading