There was play testing this week :D Lots of useful information came out of it, notes were taken and changes will be made. Here is the rest of the human sketches: the spells. Top left is ‘Joining Reinforcements’. Top middle … Continue reading

This week is art from the last race: the humans. Top left is the ‘mechanic’. Top middle is the ‘scholar’. Top right is the ‘archer’. Middle left is the ‘pirate’. Middle middle is the ‘monk’. Middle right is the ‘assassin’. … Continue reading

Similar to last week, here is the rest of the Undead card sketches. Top left is ‘Jar of Souls’. Top right is ‘Quill of Terror’. Bottom left is ‘Kiss of Death’. Bottom right is ‘Abandomed Spirit’.Next week will have art … Continue reading

Not much this week. Just the rest of the undead creature sketches. Top left is the vampire. Top right is the mummy. Bottom right is the demon.I didn’t do any testing or even relook at the rules. Let’s try again … Continue reading