This week, some cards have been tweaked, though I’m still thinking about a few cards that could use some reworking. Self playtesting was done in general they felt pretty good.Coding wise, the above screenshot shows a minor difference from last … Continue reading

This week, I did a bunch of self testing, reworked a few cards and made some more drastic rule changes. It again followed the rule from last week about restrictions making it easier to understand and flow better. This time … Continue reading

Another week of no code. Above is another clean drawing that was missing from Week 19 called ‘Quake Strike’. There were some important elements of the game that I wanted to try and fix instead.The main one was cards called … Continue reading

Well, I didn’t do any coding this week. I spent it thinking about the card wording and re-looking at the rules. I still haven’t looked at all the feedback from the last play test. I was trying to reword some … Continue reading