More spells coded again. I think about 50% of them are done. This week showcases a spell card that is currently the only card that makes you shuffle your hand into the deck. So, again I had to code the … Continue reading

A couple spells were coded. The screenshot showcases a special card, the Jack of Diamonds, the card in the middle. What’s special about this card is that it’s currently the only card that’s effect makes you choose a card from … Continue reading

Well, the flip abilities are basically done. There are still 2 other types of abilities to code. Firstly a quick look at the screenshot. It has an attack icon, which again is dummy but I like it.What’s next: coding the … Continue reading

The screenshot doesn’t show too much. A small thing is the deck and discard pile is moved out a bit so the numbers are visible when the info box appears. There’s also a flip button on the right side that … Continue reading