Fake tree. Water spray area…. it didn’t do much in this weather.World’s biggest aquarium. It was gorgeous. Too bad they didn’t let people sit down. We actually went on this boat roller coaster ride. It was scary but I’m glad … Continue reading

Permanent abilities done. This week was mainly spent thinking about how to view cards after they’ve been played. I thought of and tried a few ideas and ended up with what’s in the screenshot. You would use the arrows to … Continue reading

Close up of the Penguin Hotel. It is right next to the Ocean Spring Resort entrance.Their main mascot. I forgot his name :p A giant screen with animation for a ceiling. It was quite nice. The park had a lot … Continue reading

The road to Ocean Spring Resort :DLooks like a whale Penguin hotelAnother hotel that had a bus that took you to Ocean Spring Resort. So much space…. fit for a king. There was a seafood buffet here. Best one I’ve … Continue reading

Chill day. This is the view from the apartment I was staying at. Driving to the shopping center.This shopping center is split into 3 sections: A,B andC. Only sections A and C had… AC :pSection B had holes in the … Continue reading

Permanent abilities are almost done. There’s 1 left to do. The ability in the screenshot allows the card to go back into your hand and then have another card take it’s place.What’s next: finish the permanent abilities, then start looking … Continue reading

Went to Bird’s Paradise. Didn’t see that many birds. Seems like it was more like ‘Tree Paradise’ :pHoho.Apparently this forest was made from a single tree that grew into this forest.The ‘first’ tree is on the left of this photo. … Continue reading

One night I experienced a bit of the night life and had some smelly tofu! It was delicious.One day was also spent in Xin Hui, about an hour drive from Zhuhai. Here motor bikes fill the roads while they’re banned … Continue reading

Here we are in a Shopping Center in Zhuhai.It is right next to the entrance to go to Macau. You need a Visa though.Random on the road photos. We arrive at the Qiao Mangrove Forest of Zhuhai. Lots of tiny … Continue reading

Well, the spells are done, functionality wise anyway. The screenshot shows one of the last ones coded: the Black Joker. It has an effect that lasts for the rest of the turn so I want to have some sort of … Continue reading