Screenshot above is a help card that tells players what they can do on their turn. It’s just text which is kinda boring but not sure how to make it more appealing.What’s next: Testing and bug fixing

Player card is done. Screenshot shows the attacking card winning and going to rest. Not quite sure how the ending animation will be, but all the buttons are hidden.What’s next: I’m thinking about doing a physical help card so players … Continue reading

Final target buttons are now hidden by default. They show up when there are no more cards left and the target button appears when the player is attacked afterwards. The question is now what happens when the target button is … Continue reading

Well, looking at the code, I realized that spells already break battle so instead I coded up the few spells that don’t break battle. The screenshot shows what happens when a player has no more cards in play. Attacking this … Continue reading

So now the OK button makes the spell work. Also the OK button appears when the player gets attacked and also a little message appears (shown in the screenshot) telling the player to retaliate with a spell or press OK … Continue reading