Updated the text description so that red symbols now display in red. This makes it easier to read. Now it may not seem like this would create any bugs… but it did. It should be fixed now though. Also fixed … Continue reading

Spells now have the same mechanic as the creature abilities. If it’s effect tries to exceed the card limit, the new card will get destroyed or nothing will happen. In some cases the spell can’t be played. The screenshot shows … Continue reading

All other creatures that move creatures to your side will now destroy the creature instead if the 5 card limit is already reached. The screenshot shows another example where the highlighted card usually controls a creature but in this case … Continue reading

While the physical card game doesn’t have a creature limit, because there’s such a limited amount of space on screen and I don’t want to do scroll bars, I made a 5 creature limit per player and 10 card hand … Continue reading