I realized I had to make a confirmation button when a card does an ability, because at the moment it just happens and players will probably have no idea what happened. I used the same confirmation mechanic as the spells … Continue reading

Fixed a bug where a guardian’s ability was triggering when it shouldn’t. Also added the player icons. It is kinda plain so I might change it in the future but it does look better than a box with a cross … Continue reading

Updated the background again. Compared to last week, the day/night areas no longer extended forever into the edge. I thought it looked weird since there would be extra space on the sides that you can’t actually fill (because of the … Continue reading

Updated the background. It’s changed from last week in that the player’s sides are separated by colour. Also the 2 ‘lines’ are added in using a day/night theme. At the moment they’re called frontline and backline but maybe it would … Continue reading

Screenshot shows the beginning of the UI design. The buttons are simple. The 3 key elements are the background, the cards and the UI elements. I want to make these 3 things clear. Because the cards are white I don’t … Continue reading