All the rest of the content is laid out in the rule book Indesign file. The heading styles are in. I had to redo them because I wanted to remove hyphenation. The screenshot shows the last page with images.What’s next: … Continue reading

So I started to make the instruction manual in Indesign. I haven’t used Indesign in ages and I was never good at it. Anyways I put all the text in and the screenshot is the first page. Each page is … Continue reading

The blinking seems to be ending properly now when it’s finished. I’ve also tested it using a creature with the same effect as I was testing with a spell before. The screenshot shows the blinking ended when the highlighted creature’s … Continue reading

The blinking now disappears after playing a card as shown in the screenshot. It was a lot harder to do than expected though. Now that I think of it, I probably haven’t had to stop something happening repeatedly before. Also, … Continue reading