Didn’t do any art this week. I changed the rules based off last week’s testing. Retested it and changed the rules again. I’m happier with the rules now but more testing is needed. The picture above is an updated image … Continue reading

This week I did some research on other card game’s tutorials. Some of the games were Heathstone, Magic, Shadow Era and Yugioh. Some were digital tutorials and some were physical ones. In general, most of them weren’t that great, giving … Continue reading

Finished off the diagrams for now. There might be more later but the basics are there.What’s next: seeing if people understand the rules and probably drawing some card art.

Did a few more diagrams this week. I’ve made some tweaks from last week but everything is subject to change during testing.What’s next: There’s a few more to go, hopefully I can get them all done so I can start … Continue reading

The first thing I want to do with this card game is to write up the instructions and rules to make sure people understand how the game works. Most of the text has been written but imagery is required to … Continue reading