This screenshot is what the current layout looks like. The rectangle with the 3 is the discard pile and all it’s going to do is update the number of discarded cards. I should probably move it and the deck more … Continue reading

Above is the rough idea for the discarded pile (on the bottom left). It works, but the problem is the whole screen looks crazy busy. Also, I realized that less than 10% of the cards use the discard pile, so … Continue reading

Well, play testing didn’t happen this week. However I did update the rules that makes it flows better and reprinted the cards that was changed so I will be ready for the next play test.The biggest change this week was … Continue reading

From last week, face down cards that are targeted will now be flipped face up like the red 10 in the screenshot. Cards can now be played face down (eg. the card in front of the red 10). Also the … Continue reading