The 2 bugs from last week are fixed. I also made a start on the spell confirmation button, shown in the screenshot. A larger version of the card appears and an ‘OK’ button appears for the opponent to confirm.What’s next: … Continue reading

I am surprised this isn’t just part of the package but oh well.var crurrentTime1 = 0;        var currentTime2 = 0;       var  oneTwo =0;function checkVideo() {                if (window[“oneTwo”] == 1) {                    window[“oneTwo”] = 2;                } else {                    window[“oneTwo”] = 1;                }                … Continue reading

2 of the bugs from last week is fixed. The third needs more investigation as something weird is going on and I haven’t quite figured it out yet. It’s about reversing lists which I’ve never done before.The screenshot shows one … Continue reading

Screenshot shows the visual when both players have the same card highlighted. I thought the fading in and out was a bit too much and I also tried having 2 borders but it didn’t look quite right. I quite like … Continue reading

Check card buttons now work. Each player gets to check cards individually so I changed the yellow highlight for both to now be blue and red shown in the screenshot. The highlight will not jump to an opponent’s hidden card … Continue reading

Last day. Here’s photos of the place I stayed in. My bedroom.Tea set in the living room. Seems like every household has one of these. Unwanted tea goes into the drain.  Back to the port to take a ferry to … Continue reading