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Demonfall Week 1 Progress

Going to try recording my progress each week mainly as a motivator to get things done. Here’s week one:


So we have the guy character. He’s affected by the global gravity and is constantly falling. When he hits the platform he jumps back up. The 2 X boxes the left and right are the controls, but they’re not working at the moment. I will probably resort to GUI Repeat Buttons since they can keep the guy moving when you hold down on the button (the current ones you have to keep tapping which is no good).

The red box is the container for all the main stuff with everything else at the moment (guy and platform for now) being it’s children. This is so when I scale the red box, everything else scales accordingly. The red boxes proportions are 4:3 so it fits on ipad. (I started with 3:2 but then noticed the top and bottom got clipped on ipad)

What’s next: making the buttons work as stated above, adding a left and right wall and then making the platform move left and right.

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