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Demonfall Week 11 Progress


A day late than the usual update. I was trying to figure something out yesterday and it was doing my head in. Unity works in strange ways sometimes.. Anyways, got it working today thanks to the fine people on the internet. This week got some of the UI designed aka the white buttons above. They look all right to me. I will probably try and keep the same style going throughout the game to keep it consistent. We also got clouds at the top and covered the filler area on the top and bottom when the device happens to be taller than the main game’s height. Now it looks responsive :) Also, I’ve got an idea on how the start menu would look.

What’s Next: designing more things. I’d like to update the items, the buttons on the pause screen then get on with the start menu. There’s also some work on the buttons to fade/hide them depending on situations. Keeping them as is at the moment is a bit too strong.

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