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Demonfall Week 18 Progress


Well, I did some more testing, made the website, and did everything for the Android version to be ready. All good so far.

Unfortunately I’m having issues getting the iOS version in for submission (surprise surprise). When I try to validate the app I get:


It is set up in iTunes Connect though. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve set up a thread on the forums and asked support to look at it. It’s really frustrating because the Android method is so straight forward and the iOS method is just a mess. I also have no idea how long it will take for support to even look at the issue. Oh, and I’m going to wait for the iOS app to get sorted before I publish the Android one so people don’t confuse Eternal Pain with Demonfall on iOS.

What’s next: trying to get this sorted, writing up the press for Demonfall and time to start thinking about my next game.

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