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Kards Week 32 Progress


Well, I didn’t do any coding this week. I spent it thinking about the card wording and re-looking at the rules. I still haven’t looked at all the feedback from the last play test. I was trying to reword some card effects so that they would cause less confusion in some situations. The problem is I had limited space to write the text on the card. After hours of trying out different ways of rewording it, I gave up and decided to make it more clear in the rules to solve the problem. A bunch of cards have different effects now and they will of course need to be tested.

The image above is the card I mentioned changed in Week 19. It’s called ‘Jackpot Attempt’ and while I liked it’s effect, it was too confusing during the last play test so I’ve changed it again. As usual, this latest effect will also need to be tested.

What’s next: go through the feedback, reprint the test cards (as most of them have changed even if just wording), do some test games myself and in terms of coding, back to the ‘play a card face down’ button if I have time.


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