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Reaching level 40 in Pokemon Go – Part 5: Level 40 again

Well, on the 12th of August 2018, I got another 20 million experience which is how much you need to get to level 40. That’s under 10 months when it took me a year a 2 months to reach it the first time. I did not even care about the experience this time so no mass evolves and I only used lucky eggs when they were bundled in boxes. Experience is kind of a joke right now and it makes you wonder why they haven’t increased the level cap yet (though I’m personally fine with it).

What’s change? Well first, what hasn’t changed. I still have heaps to go on the magikarp and rattata badge. I have completed all the type badges now though. Steel was thanks to aron, ice was thanks to spheal and dragon was thanks to dratini community day. Speaking of community day, that’s something that was added to Pokemon Go in 2018 and it’s really cool. I also started getting EX raid passes to the point where I’m not all that excited by them anymore.

Anyways, still enjoying the game :)


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