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Might not look like much, but I worked quite a lot on Demonfall this week. I redesigned the items to coins so they look more like collectables and added a little shine to attract attention. Originally the gold coin was just going to have a 1 on it but the logo I made made me come up with the idea to put a demon head on it which I think looks great. I also made a coin icon font for both items and added them to the font I’m using. An example of this is the white demon coin after to the “Score: 2” in the top left. I’ve never done something like this before and it was quite an experience but I’m very happy with the result. I can now easily add these icons into text which would have been a pain if they were just images.

I also designed the green trampoline at the bottom. In the original game, it was a hot island but it didn’t make too much sense. It even has a spring mechanic so it animates dynamically. It’s a bit buggy at the moment where sometimes it ends up in the middle of the screen. I hope it’s just a preview thing – fingers crossed.

This is not in the screenshot but I also updated the pause screen with the new UI – nothing too fancy. Lastly I also did a lot of work on the general UI. There were things I didn’t consider until I really looked at the UI and there was time spent just thinking about how to solve these problems. Personally I’m happy with the solutions, but testing will see how successful it is. It’s definitely improved. The other thing about the UI is that I started to learn how to use UI items properly in Unity. Some things like the pause button in the top right is just an image with a hit box that then has code to make it pause the game. It works but is a bit dodgy. Since I know how to do it properly now I plan to redo them as actual UI buttons. I’ve done the pause menu and the left/right buttons already.

What’s next: making the pause and wing buttons actual UI buttons, a little fix to the trampoline so it doesn’t turn if you hit it on the sides and then time to style the start menu (again). I’ve been saying to style the start menu for weeks but the main game is more important right? ;) Anyways, after I get those done I should be onto the start menu especially with better knowledge of UI elements in Unity.

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    Ooo I like the coins idea, and the green platform makes a lot more sense :) Good progress!

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