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I use MAMP to manage different sites. Also download Canvas which provides the installation files. Unzip the Canvas file and put the files somewhere on your computer.

Open MAMP, go to the ‘Hosts’ tab and click the + button on the bottom left. Give a server name eg. canvas.localtest. Click the folder icon to the right of ‘Document root’ and navigate to the canvas folder you unzipped before. Save and restart the servers.

You’ll need a database as well for Drupal to be able to be installed. To make one, go to the terminal and type:

mysql.server start
mysql -u root
create database canvasdatabase;

‘cavasdatabase’ can be replaced with whatever name you want for your database. Back on MAMP, click the arrow icon to the right of the server name, and you’ll get the drupal install screen in a browser. Select ‘Canvas’ and continue.

When you get to ‘Database configuration’, the type should already have MySQL selected. Put in the database name that you made before. Put ‘root’ for the username. Open advanced options and for Database host put ‘’. Then continue to start installing Drupal.

After installation, you’ll get the ‘Configure site’ page. Give your site a name, and put in your email address in the appropriate areas. Set up a username and password, other info and continue.

Open a private window and copy and paste the server name followed by ‘/user’ to get to the log in screen, input your details that you set up before and you’re in. You now have a local Drupal site ready to go.



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