A nerdy Melbourne Trip

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I went to Melbourne for the first time from 21-24 of October. I did a lot of things for the first time, like riding a tram. :D

Flinders Street Stationinside a Melbourne tram[clear]

While exploring the CBD, I stumbled upon the Screen Worlds exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Now I watch the Angry Video Game Nerd¬†regularly and have grown quite fond of these retro consoles that were before my time. I never thought I’d be able to play and touch some of these consoles, quite a special moment. :3

atari 2600Odesseyatari 2600Atari Pong


My first home console was the SNES so just being able to touch the NES and Famicom controllers felt quite awesome.

FamicomFamicon 2NES[clear]

ZX SpectrumSinclairApple 2[clear]

Later on I went to check out the Melbourne Museum behind the Royal Exhibition Building.

Melbourne Exhibition Building [clear]

There I discovered an old cars exhibition. Now, I’m not usually into cars but these drew me in because they reminded me of the cars you drive in Grand Theft Auto. Sure it sounds silly, but I would have just walked past it otherwise.

Mercury carretro red carContinental carJensen carTurbo carRover car

<3 Retro

Other nerdy things I did was visit the EB games there that had 2 levels devoted to Nintendo and also I played the Kinect for the first time in the library :p

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  1. feedthe1337 Avatar

    Yeah, fellow retro lover here. I would’ve loved to check out that gaming expo! In Japan, I got to play the Virtual Boy 8).

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