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Sailormoon Drops is a mobile game that’s basically a Sailormoon Candy Crush game. I initially started playing it because other family members were playing it but kept playing it even after they stopped because I found it fun. The reasons I like this game over Candy Crush are:

  • most levels seem fair in that they don’t seem like you have to use items to beat them
  • there’s many different characters you can unlock and use who each have a special power that can help you beat the level
  • there’s a story with cutscenes that unfolds as you beat levels.

I started off using Sailor Moon as she seemed the best character of the ones you start off with. Her power destroys a bunch of blocks. Later I changed to Sailor Pluto mainly because she looks cool. Her power is similar to Sailor Moon’s but just a different pattern of blocks gets destroyed. Then when I unlocked Neo Queen Serenity I basically stuck with her for the rest of the game because I felt it was the best ability in the game. It has a really high come back factor being able to possibly clear blocks, randomise the blocks grid and even recharge the power gauge to reuse the ability again.

I believe I have every character possible in the English version. I used to try to get each character to level 5 potential but then after a while it became a lot of work. Also by then I figured Neo Queen Serenity was the best, so I didn’t see any point in leveling up other characters so I only got the base version. The only other characters I’d power up to level 2 are the ones you’re forced to use in certain levels.

I didn’t use any items mainly for the challenge. The items were either pay to win or likely to not do anything. Here are the items I’ve gathered and also the number of level ups I’ve gathered:

The developers just announced that they’re shutting the game down in a month or 2 which is surprising. Still that is why I’m making this blog post to post up my achievements. I managed to complete the main story saga but I don’t see the point in completing the bonus saga or unlocking any more characters. It’s been fun.

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