Reaching level 50 in Pokemon Go – Part 6

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Well, a lot has changed since my last post on Pokemon Go. I currently have over 200 million experience which is 10 times what you need to get to level 40. More importantly though, they added level 50 to the game so all that experience came to use. To get to level 50 you need 176 million experience. Not only that but you need to do certain tasks to reach each level: some were quite tedious and some were very easy.

The most annoying task for me was getting 50 lucky pokemon because trading is very slow and boring. Other tasks were so easy like win against another trainer in pvp battles a number of times that I was able to level up in a day.

Anyways, today the 9th July 2021 I reached level 50. I did it at my own pace as there was no rush. While I’m happy with this achievement I’m even more happy about reaching legend rank in last season’s go battle league, the online pvp mode. In my opinion this is the hardest thing to accomplish in the game.

Pokemon Go celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary a few days ago. I’m still enjoying the game so will continue to play to prepare for level 60 whenever it arrives.

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