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Sailormoon Drops is a mobile game that’s basically a Sailormoon Candy Crush game. I initially started playing it because other family members were playing it but kept playing it even after they stopped because I found it fun. The reasons … Continue reading

Original source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34766636/ios-browser-iframe-jumps-to-top-when-changing-css-or-content-using-javascriptI learnt today that iphones and iframes are not a good combo. Never the less it is combo you will run into if you build elearning modules for mobile. At least the fix is simple. Add this css … Continue reading

Well, on the 12th of August 2018, I got another 20 million experience which is how much you need to get to level 40. That’s under 10 months when it took me a year a 2 months to reach it … Continue reading

Here’s just some dates of the rest of my progression:level 35: 16th April 2017level 36: 8th May 2017level 37: 21st June 2017level 38: 28th July 2017level 39: 28th September 2017level 40: 29th November 2017Another sad thing about the new gym … Continue reading

I remember the game was seriously lacking updates waiting for gen 2 that finally came out in February 2017. I was still playing the game every day mainly because I just enjoy going outside for a walk and catching pokemon. … Continue reading

As I started to level up to 30+ I was starting to be be able to stay in gyms. I hunted down and maxed out the gym meta pokemon that wasn’t ultra rare like Eevee, Rhydon and Magikarp. It felt … Continue reading

On the 29th of November 2017, I reached level 40 in Pokemon Go. This is my story:When Pokemon Go was released in July 2016 I did not play the game for 2 main reasons: I was on a prepaid mobile … Continue reading

Fixed an issue where if there is 1 or no cards in hand, the left and right buttons are disabled as shown in the screenshot. Also the first message of the first level is shown in the top right. I’ve … Continue reading

The top right shows a message box that gives instructions and teaches the player about the game. The levels are also set up so each level sets the number of guardian cards and cards in hand differently. Also it can … Continue reading

Got the start screen functioning. The ‘start’ button displays the 5 level buttons. It seems simple but it gave me a bunch of trouble. If you hide objects (like the 5 level buttons) without saving the object somewhere, it can’t … Continue reading