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An example when you could use this is when the video has ended to automatically close the video player and go back to the website.

An example is to hide a menu if you click off it. This is an example function which changes the variable that affects the menu. Then just add the function to the menu container.

I’m not a GIt expert. This is just how I do it. 1st line fetches the latest code from the main repo. 2nd line resets your local branch the latest stage of the master branch 3rd line is just a … Continue reading

Put this in the console: This is useful if you want to inspect a page that auto redirects.

Things to note here: The last argument ends with … which means it accepts any number of arguments and will put those arguments into a list. #{nth($items, $i + 1)} gets the argument from the list. You just specify the … Continue reading

I’ve done this a few times already so thought it would be a good idea to document it. What this does is basically make a 2nd wifi spot using your original wifi. Get the original modem’s ip address (usually … Continue reading

An example would be a close button, where it’s primary goal is to close an overlay but it could be used in other cases maybe like a popup and so you don’t want to restrict it to be a parent … Continue reading

Using context allows access of certain data within all components inside the “provider” without having to pass them as props to the children. First create the context: Then make the provider: Here, we import the context, and set up the … Continue reading

This allows you to put children elements directly in the output:

Here’s an example: When updating you need to use “…[object name]” so the other value(s) stay in tact.