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Now that Error Hunter’s out on the Windows 8 store, here’s a little checklist for what’s required.

1) In Unity, go to File/Build Settings/Windows Phone 8 Player Settings and put in the Company Name, Product Name and default Icon. This is the obvious part (though for some reason once you uploaded an icon image it doesn’t get updated any more).

2) The Windows 8 phone’s back button has to be functional in your app. Pressing back should take you back to a previous screen and if you’re on the first screen it should quit the application. This is quite simple:

void Update () {
                if (Input.GetKeyUp (KeyCode.Escape)) {


3) Build the app somewhere. The next is to edit is the ’tiles’. These are images used when you pin the app to the start menu. In the exported folder go to AppName/Assets/Tiles and there’ll be 5 Unity images. Change these to reflect your own game

Windows 8 tile images[clear]

4) Double click the sln file from the root of the folder to open it in Visual Studio. Connect your phone, select ‘master’ from the dropdown at the top and hit the play button to load the app to your win8 phone.

Visual Studio Master option[clear]

5) This is weird but unplug the phone from the usb ( you might have to close and reload the app ) Having the phone connected causes weird issues. Now you can test the back button, pinning it, the icon etc.

6) When you’re happy go to https://dev.windowsphone.com/en-US/dashboard log in, and submit your app. The xap file you want to upload is found at AppName/Bin/ARM/Master/

The rest is uploading text about your game and screenshot images. :)

If you update your app, do note that after uploading a new xap file, you have to put in the new version number and reinput all the text and images so you probably want to keep all that stuff together so you can easily paste them in.


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